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We strive to bring you the best locally grown produce that Wayne County has to offer!

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3821 Cory Corners Road

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Watching our Future Grow

Here at Morgan’s Farm Market, we are interested in the future as much as the past.  This family farm, owned by several generations, has been a working farm for over fifty years.  This legacy ensures that we are as concerned about your future as much as our children’s future.  

Taking Pride in our Past

The current farm includes land that has zig-zagged its way through four generations.  The oldest property, which is located on Cory Corners Road, was originally owned by the VanGee family.  The VanGee’s are the maternal grandparents to Jane (Boerman) Morgan, the wife of the current 3rd generation partner Ralph Morgan.  

Jane’s father, George Boerman, purchased the the homestead from his in-laws.  George farmed cattle, vegetables, and fruit crops for several years beginning in the mid 1950’s.  Ralph and Jane purchased farm land that was adjacent to George’s farm.  Eventually they also purchased George’s  homestead as well.  Their son, Ned, along with his wife Shelley, continue the family business.   Ned joined the family farm in the early 1990’s.  Morgan Farms, LLC was established several years later in 1995. 

Morgan’s Farm Market began as a self-serve road-side strawberry stand. The stand was located in George Boerman’s front yard during his retirement years.  The self-serve operation moved to Ned’s home in 1993 and a standing structure was built in 1995. 

Other Adventures

Ned partnered with his college friend and farming enthusiast Kelly Morgan (no relation) in 2004 to open a sister stand called  “Morgan’s Half Acre Produce” in Auburn, New York.



Morgan’s Farm Market ⋄ 3821 Cory Corners Road ⋄ Marion, NY 14505
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Open: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm ⋄ Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 10am - 5pm 
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